Oregon Department of Agriculture

This project was funded by the USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant program (ODA-3357-GR) and USDA Technical Assistance for Specialty Crops Grant Program (2011-07).


Heather Stoven, Extension horticulturist, Yamhill County; Chal Landgren, professor, Extension Christmas tree specialist; Luisa Santamaria, assistant professor, Extension plant pathologist in nursery crops; all of Oregon State University; Helmuth Rogg, IPPM program manager; James LaBonte, lead taxonomic and survey entomologist; both of Oregon Department of Agriculture.


The authors thank the following peers for the review of these diagnostic cards and for their helpful comments and suggestions. In alphabetical order:

  • Todd Adams—Oregon Department of Agriculture
  • Michael Bondi—Oregon State University
  • Gary Chastagner—Washington State University
  • Kirk Company—Oregon City, OR
  • Judy Kowalski—Oregon State University
  • Dionisia Morales—Oregon State University
  • Robin Rosetta—Oregon State University