Photo by Chal Landgren, OSU.


Photo by Chal Landgren, OSU.

  • Glyphosate is a nonselective herbicide that interferes with amino acid synthesis. It is translocated throughout the plant.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Applied prior to bud break: stunted new growth; short and pale green foliage
  • Applied after bud break: rapid death of new needles; foliage with burned or desiccated appearance

Where to Look

  • Plants partially hit by sprays
  • New growth

Similar Symptoms As

  • Botrytis

Management Options

  • Know spray timing and product options and usage. This information is critical.
  • Carefully read all label instructions and precautions prior to purchasing and applying these herbicides.
  • Avoid surfactants or combinations, which can increase tree damage.