Uredinopsis pteridis

Alternate host: bracken fern

Photo by Jay W. Pscheidt, OSU.

Signs & Symptoms

Photo by Ralph Byther, Washington State University.

  • Yellowing blotches on the upper surface of needles
  • Needles of any age vulnerable
  • White, tube-like fruiting bodies on underside of needles

Where to Look

Alternate host: Bracken fern (Photo by Ralph Byther, Washington State University).

  • Trees near alternate host (bracken fern)

Similar Symptoms As

  • Current season needle necrosis
  • Pucciniastrum needle rust


  • Observe trees in areas near alternate host (bracken fern).
  • Look for yellowing (often banded) on current season needles.

Management Options

  • Remove and destroy all bracken ferns nearby. Pathogen depends on alternate host for survival.
  • Spray protective fungicides (if needed) on developing fir shoots.

Host Susceptibility

host susceptibility graph

  • Medium susceptibility: Grand fir, White fir, Shasta fir

Management Calendar

  • Look for yellowing blotches on upper surface of infected needles: All year round
  • Check for tube-like structures on underside of needles: Mid-April through September
  • Use fungicides to protect new growth: Mid-May through Mid-June
  • Control ferns with herbicides: Mid-August through September