Learn more about Twig Aphid
Más información sobre Twig Aphid

This week:
  • Look for trees declining; drastic growth reduction.

Learn more about Conifer Root Aphid
Más información sobre Conifer Root Aphid

This week:
  • Look for stunting of terminals (C. abetis); soot on lower branches and off-color needles (C. occidentalis).
  • Look for overwintering eggs.

Learn more about Conifer Aphids
Más información sobre Conifer Aphids

This week:
  • Look for swollen branch nodes and terminals.

Learn more about Balsam Wooly Adelgid
Más información sobre Balsam Wooly Adelgid

This week:
  • Look for yellow spots and distortion on needles.
This week:
  • Look for overwintering eggs.
  • Spray eggs (if needed).

Learn more about Spruce Spider Mite
Más información sobre Spruce Spider Mite

Learn more about Eriophyid Mites
Más información sobre Eriophyid Mites

Learn more about Root Weevil
Más información sobre Root Weevil

This week:
  • Look for dead branches.
  • Look for larvae bore through the bark.

Learn more about Douglas-fir Twig Weevil
Más información sobre Douglas-fir Twig Weevil