This week:
  • Spray insecticide (if needed).

Learn more about Twig Aphid
Más información sobre Twig Aphid

This week:
  • Look for trees declining; drastic growth reduction.
  • Look for ants around trunks and roots.
  • Spray insecticide (if needed).

Learn more about Conifer Root Aphid
Más información sobre Conifer Root Aphid

This week:
  • Look for stunting of terminals (C. abetis); soot on lower branches and off-color needles (C. occidentalis).
  • Look for adults.
  • Spray insecticide (if needed).

Learn more about Conifer Aphids
Más información sobre Conifer Aphids

This week:
  • Look for swollen branch nodes and terminals.
  • Check for crawlers, using a hand lens.
  • Spray insecticide (if needed) at/near bud break.

Learn more about Balsam Wooly Adelgid
Más información sobre Balsam Wooly Adelgid

This week:
  • Look for yellow spots and distortion on needles.
This week:
  • Look for swollen, yellow needles.

Learn more about Douglas-fir Needle Midge
Más información sobre Douglas-fir Needle Midge

This week:
  • Look for foliage yellowing and bronzing.
  • Look for active mites.

Learn more about Spruce Spider Mite
Más información sobre Spruce Spider Mite

This week:
  • Look for new needles bronzing and stunting.
  • Use a 15-20x hand lens to find adults that are spindle-shaped and smaller than other mites.

Learn more about Eriophyid Mites
Más información sobre Eriophyid Mites

This week:
  • Look for notched needles.
  • Look for adults.
  • Spray foliar insecticide (if needed).

Learn more about Root Weevil
Más información sobre Root Weevil

This week:
  • Look for dead branches.
  • Find adults.
  • Spray insecticide (if needed), targeting emerging adults.

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Más información sobre Douglas-fir Twig Weevil